First FULL Week At Werk…

I’m enjoying working with my junior technicians.

I’d like to share a random tale. This one showcases 6 different urban myths. I’d rate it as PG-13.
About 30 (thirty) years ago, TS and I went to an psychic faire back in British Columbia. We had a vaguely similar experience. Nope. Nope. Nope!
Re: The Uncanny Valley. TS & I have mused about putting weird gardens gnomes at the 4 corners of the property. Ensure they are covered with bioluminescent fungi. I think visiting our place should be an unforgettable experience! Especially at night. TS reserves the right to veto my action.

If you’re curious about what our home COULD look like…

I watched an odd dark fantasy movie yesterday after work. Gretel & Hansel. It’s a lower budget flick with silly special effects. I was fixated on its depiction of the little house in the forest. TS might balk at its colour scheme. I liked home’s window glazing and the shade-inducing overhangs.

And the witch in the story? Yeah, well, I was rooting for her. She didn’t make it (perhaps not for the reasons that one might expect). Link to Amazon Prime. And to IMDB.