We’re finishing up our 1st work-session…

…on the future build site, septic field, and (hopefully before the new year), a well. Let’s harvest the biomass before the bulldozers clear this area. Evolve Builders is our contractor, so we are able to reduce our overall woodlot impact.

Our foundations will be going in where the clearing is – about 15-20 paces from the wood chip pile.
TS has become very adept at preparing green & brown matter for chipping/shredding. When added to our soil operation, and using other permaculture techniques, we will have soil by the time YOU arrive!

If you’re curious about what our home COULD look like…

I watched an odd dark fantasy movie yesterday after work. Gretel & Hansel. It’s a lower budget flick with silly special effects. I was fixated on its depiction of the little house in the forest. TS might balk at its colour scheme. I liked home’s window glazing and the shade-inducing overhangs.

And the witch in the story? Yeah, well, I was rooting for her. She didn’t make it (perhaps not for the reasons that one might expect). Link to Amazon Prime. And to IMDB.