Educate Yourself…

I am very aware that I earn a fantastic salary, posess excellent medical benefits, and a have a pension fund that can’t be beat.

I have the luxury of retiring in June. My CUPE colleagues — no.

My colleagues in CUPE (especially in caretaking, as a CYW, or performing EA duties) often do the same tasks as I do. Cleaning up labs? De-escalating students in crisis? Tutorials? Restorative justice? Classroom supervision? They’re in the thick of it — just like me.

CUPE education staff are also thrust into high-risk learning environments. The caretakers I know also have to clean up disgusting messes left by teenagers. Caretakers are on the stop-watch, and must complete their backbreaking labour during the odd hours of the day.

Ontario Federation of Labour. Educate yourself here (link).

CBC Ontario. When my peers do get some (measly) pay increase, it’ll be gobbled up by basic living expenses. Grocery bills. Educate yourself here (link).

And now. And now, we clean up…

…after 2 weeks in the bush, it’s time to clean up our kit. Important culinary safety note = (Dairy Queen [Chicken Strips + Fries + medium-sized Blizzard with Skor bits]) + (Brunswick Smoked Sardines) + (Brunswick Tomato-Basil Sardines) + (PBJ-on-unsalted-crackers) = gastric woe until 01:00 EST. PN should really know better, eh.

Test Kitchen. PN’s observations!

During our time (back in the city), TS practices with different formulas.
When we get our act together, we’ll have to arrange bulk purchases from the vendor in PEC. Heavy syrup is an acquired taste that producers only make small batches of. Its production is also time-consuming & energy-intensive.
TS was given a challenge by THE WOLFMAN (you’re a fanastic neighbour, MS).
Will THE WOLFMAN’s pack like these rusk-like canine treats? Will they have a stable shelf life? Are YOU interested in trying out TS’s creations? Stay tuned to the blog, eh (or post a comment [PN monitors the thread]).