No, WordPress, I haven’t fractured a major skeletal part…

Have you ever broken a bone?

…however, I did destroy a Sthil MS250 chainsaw bar and chain. This weekend.

Ugly, part 1 (at 368 Lindsay Road 40).

Our neighbour, MS, helped me take down the other half of this leaning, dead, ash (that’s smack dab in the middle of our future BCB&B build site). I have a 15’ poker-straight length that can be milled. The rest, long term storage for firewood.

Not so ugly, part 2 (this 15’ section will NOT be bucked).

I removed the saw’s head to prevent further injury to the chainsaw.

Since 2014, this freeway was our route…

…to and from our property. That route, like the Hwy 407-400-89-10-6 has always been a bit nerve-wracking. It’s the main reason my mother-in-law insisted on helping us buy a Toyota Tacoma. Mind you, our clown car held its own on that trek from 2014-2018. It was packed to the gills with chainsaws, tools, rakes, and implements-of-destruction (a nod to a folk song).

Time to activate long dormant plans…

Yes, PN has had a retirement countdown timer running since the Fall of 2022. TS is ready. PN is ready. Release the hounds!

Eventually, I might compile these 100-some-odd graffiti activities into an artwork. It’s how I cope with the insanity of being a high school science teacher. PN.