No, WordPress, I haven’t fractured a major skeletal part…

Have you ever broken a bone?

…however, I did destroy a Sthil MS250 chainsaw bar and chain. This weekend.

Ugly, part 1 (at 368 Lindsay Road 40).

Our neighbour, MS, helped me take down the other half of this leaning, dead, ash (that’s smack dab in the middle of our future BCB&B build site). I have a 15’ poker-straight length that can be milled. The rest, long term storage for firewood.

Not so ugly, part 2 (this 15’ section will NOT be bucked).

I removed the saw’s head to prevent further injury to the chainsaw.

Freedom 55 minus 2

What is your career plan?

Does anyone remember this Canadian advertisement campaign back in 1990-1995? FREEDOM 55. Uh huh. Now, I’m on the other side of that ad. Keep slogging through my current career until 55? No thanks. So, my next career plan? I’m treating my (generous) teacher pension as a guaranteed income, and monetize my hobbies.