We’ve signed a construction contract

My god, we’ve signed a construction contract with Evolve Builders Inc., out of Guelph, Ontario. Last month, we finished up with the planning component of our development. As we carefully walk through the financing process with our credit union, I realise that I am about to start a very different chapter in my life. I am privileged to have TDS as my spouse. It takes a great deal of courage (and research and blood-sweat-and-tears) to get this venture off the ground.

To the users who monitor our site… and wonder where the heck the buildings are… remain patient. Keep an eye on this site and (of course) G-Maps. DEFINITELY keep an eye out for large earth-moving vehicles at our driveway (with the ridiculously-over-reflectored green farm gate [using chopped-down Hydro-1 utility poles… with little asphalt hats on them]).

My 2 requests: please respect the signage that you see on our property lines and on the driveway leading to our temporary parking lot (as Summer, 2022 progresses, either TDS or I will post updates on the blog). Don’t rocket along Lindsay Road 40 at a billion kilometres per hour (preserve the danger-noodles, eh). Sincerely, P.N. May 7, 2022.

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