Lush, heavy rain, and cooler than our last woodlot work-session.

Today will be an indoor session at Mountain Trout Camp (MTC). I’m looking forward to finding out how MS’s wolf-pack enjoy the canine treats (test version 1 and 2). TS wanted to ensure MS received the perishable chocolate-peanut-butter-banana-upside-down cake (as it’s still in its pan). Our recently-purchased deep-cycle battery has been trickle-charging since yesterday evening (we’ll try installing the cellular booster kit tomorrow at the BCB&B build-site). With all this torrential rainfall, TS researched precipitation capture systems. Apparently, Evolve Builders has published some 2010 case-studies of their efforts (link)! One might wonder why we are concerned about water conservation here on the North Bruce Peninsula (as we are surrounded by Lake Huron & Southern Georgian Bay). We are witnessing extreme weather events here on the Bruce (due to climate change) and I want to mitigate its effects on our household. I want to change my consumption habits (and reduce my impact on our local water cycles). Based on my research of the region (here [link], here [link], and here [link]), the area’s also overdue for a major forest fire (and we need to prepare for that with wildfire-control [not avoidance] systems).

This will be our first (modest) attempt at off-grid electrical power generation at 368 Lindsay Road 40.
Here’s an image of our very first inverter for the woodlot (being tested out at the VPCI school garden).
The Fluke DMM’s measuring the V at the battery terminals (while the kit’s being tested at VPCI).

Preparing to return…

…to the bush. I’m optimistic we learned a few lessons from our last session. We’ll have to DIY our own bush-buggy-platform for the wood chipper. King City Trailers gave us good advice, had SOME stock, but couldn’t sell us a ready-made option. Still, I’d recommend them to you.

Meh… we’re planning on pushing another ATV trail around the buildsite so that we can easily move green-matter to the soil operation. SR told TS that we can grab our wheelbarrow from the school shipping container.

Test Kitchen. PN’s observations!

During our time (back in the city), TS practices with different formulas.
When we get our act together, we’ll have to arrange bulk purchases from the vendor in PEC. Heavy syrup is an acquired taste that producers only make small batches of. Its production is also time-consuming & energy-intensive.
TS was given a challenge by THE WOLFMAN (you’re a fanastic neighbour, MS).
Will THE WOLFMAN’s pack like these rusk-like canine treats? Will they have a stable shelf life? Are YOU interested in trying out TS’s creations? Stay tuned to the blog, eh (or post a comment [PN monitors the thread]).

We’re finishing up our 1st work-session…

…on the future build site, septic field, and (hopefully before the new year), a well. Let’s harvest the biomass before the bulldozers clear this area. Evolve Builders is our contractor, so we are able to reduce our overall woodlot impact.

Our foundations will be going in where the clearing is – about 15-20 paces from the wood chip pile.
TS has become very adept at preparing green & brown matter for chipping/shredding. When added to our soil operation, and using other permaculture techniques, we will have soil by the time YOU arrive!

(Forest) Fire-Safe? Yes, it’s a thing.

I’d strongly advise my peers living in the bush to prepare for this summer’s forest fire season. CBC Radio’s The Current had an excellent, no-nonsense episode about preparing for forest fires. Lytton, B.C. has had its share of wildfires. I respect the First Nations who prepare for these extreme weather events.

It’s 2022, people. WE MUST LISTEN TO OUR NEIGHBOURS. These are transferable skills that can be used on my North Bruce Peninsula.

I want to learn more about my neighbours. Here are their websites: and … With respect, PN.

If you’re curious about what our home COULD look like…

I watched an odd dark fantasy movie yesterday after work. Gretel & Hansel. It’s a lower budget flick with silly special effects. I was fixated on its depiction of the little house in the forest. TS might balk at its colour scheme. I liked home’s window glazing and the shade-inducing overhangs.

And the witch in the story? Yeah, well, I was rooting for her. She didn’t make it (perhaps not for the reasons that one might expect). Link to Amazon Prime. And to IMDB.