Who Is PN?

Hoy, that’s a big question. And if you know PN, you know I love to ramble and explain concepts in as a circuitous way as possible (and speak of myself in the third person). Big breath… I’m a high school science teacher, who prefers to teach grades 9-10 and ANYTHING related to workplace or college-preparation, I’m a hands-on educator (and to some, an odd duck with a bald head, beard, glasses, and lumberjack-esk fashion taste). I’m privileged to be a member of the OSSTF and the YRDSB (contrary to some souls opinion, I’m indeed a company-man). When nobody’s looking, I enjoy donning 7mm neoprene, booties, lobster gloves, goggles, cold-resistant Sherwood open-system regulators, a lime-green (regular air [unenriched] filled up at my beloved Diver’s Den shops) aluminum tank, air-integrated Sherwood dive computer, USD JetFins (old-school HEAVY black rubber)… and hopping into our Toyota Echo clown car… and race up to Tobermory.

My family? I’m the proud uncle of two critters from my awesome sister & steadfast brother-in-law.

PN’s relationship status? Oh my. Back in 1989, on the rebound from my first serious relationship, I met a person that unnerved the hell out my floor-mates at UBC residence. I’ve been with TS since then. Divorce? Never. When I’m acting like a jerk, am I amazed that I wake up every morning without being smothered? Yup.

Who Is TS?

I’m also, currently, a high school teacher. I used to teach English, but now I teach Theory of Knowledge. I know how that sounds, but really, it’s an excellent course.

I am also a baker, a chef, a knitter, a writer, and a reader. I’m constantly working on perfecting new recipes so that your experience at our bed and breakfast will be delicious. I am also knitting lovely blankets under which you will keep warm while you stargaze or read or snooze.

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